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About Me

Brilliant Marketing Consultant in Atlanta

Social media has become a vital part of advertising nowadays. To get your brand the visibility it deserves you need a well-rounded, intelligent online marketing strategy, and Facebook is a tested and trusted platform for this purposes. At Panett Marketing Firm, I help you to market your product or services on Facebook and get the word to the right audience, increasing brand visibility and taking your company to the next level. You can get in touch today via the form below.

Modern Web Design

When you're looking to hire a web designer, the last thing that you want is a website that looks like it's straight out of a seminar on Web 2.0 or, worse yet, something you could have made back in the Geocities era. I've kept up with the latest trends in web design and can build you a state of the art website from scratch. I can also base the build off of one of the many popular CMS offerings available today – a popular option for people looking to be a bit more proactive with their pages.

My Production Services

Over the years I have expanded the range of services I offer to suit the needs of my clients. Once I receive the content brief, I will carefully consider the best way to take your idea forward. I always aim to work with you to achieve a final result that all will be proud of, and am happy to offer my services to businesses or individuals. My main goal is to ensure that all of my clients are beyond satisfied with the final product.


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Guests Reviews

Panett helped me grow my own personal instagram for free! Unfortunately they said the do not do this but they did so to gain trust from me well done Panett!
Ashley Gersome
I heard from Panett's CEO personally when addressing an issue in our plan. We talked over it and Panett was able to create a fantastic video for a big event we had coming up.
Jerry Whitersome
I thought I would be able to market my own small business at the time but panett came in and turned everything around? Thank you guys.
Kory Mistund

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